Communications & Marketing Specialist - Assistant/Associate

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District   Sacramento, CA   Full-time     Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
Posted on June 13, 2024
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Communications & Marketing Specialist - Assistant/Associate

Salary: $45.11 - $63.68 Hourly


Develops, administers, and participates in the dissemination of information to promote understanding of District environmental programs, activities, regulations, and administrative proceedings to non-technical audiences, news media representatives, community and civic groups, public agencies, and private organizations; and encourages and promotes public and small business participation in such programs, activities and proceedings; and performs other related duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Assistant Communications & Marketing Specialist – The entry level class of the series. Incumbents assist with the planning, designing, and executing of programs, projects, studies, or other work involving the preparation and dissemination of administrative and technical information in support of the District's policies, functions, activities, demonstrations, programs, and regulations. Incumbents are expected to demonstrate increased understanding and knowledge of District programs during the training period. Incumbents are gradually given less supervision and more difficult and responsible assignments.

Associate Communications & Marketing Specialist – The fully experienced, journey level class of the series. Incumbents work under general supervision and are responsible for assignments of substantial difficulty/complexity/sensitivity requiring an in-depth knowledge of District programs, rules, and operations.

Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the lower grade of Communications & Marketing Specialist, or when filled from the outside, require prior communications and marketing experience.

Typical Duties

The duties listed below are examples of the work typically performed by employees in this class. An employee may not be assigned all duties listed and may be assigned duties which are not listed below. Marginal duties (shown in italics) are those which are least likely to be essential functions for any single position in this class.

1. Coordinates the District's public education/outreach programs; coordinates activities with District representatives and other management staff; discusses current developments and on-going programs, and provides and obtains information from District staff and other air quality management agency representatives; promotes alternative fuel and low-emission technology to business, elected officials and the general public.

2. Implements programs, policies and procedures; provides on-going support for special projects and programs through interagency relations, marketing, advertising, and outreach; participates in District rule development and planning efforts to integrate public education program components.

3. Researches, writes, edits, and oversees production and distribution of quarterly District newsletter, rule advisory notices, brochures, pamphlets, fact sheets, posters, and annual reports.

4. Responds to news media and public inquiries about the District and air quality issues; acts as spokesperson for the District and represents the District before the news media, and public and private sector officials on a variety of issues; assists with planning, coordination and execution of news conferences and media availabilities; prepares correspondence in reply to inquiries, general complaints, and suggestions relative to the District's programs, activities, and procedures; researches and prepares issue summaries.

5. Assists with Board of Directors communications through the research, writing, and production of rule fact sheets and other information critical to Board understanding of air quality issues.

6. Writes and produces special television features; writes copy for radio and television commercials and public service announcements; designs and creates exhibits and displays; develops copy, graphics, layout, and arranges for placement of District print and broadcast advertising.

7. Plans, arranges for, and coordinates public workshops, special conferences, promotional events, and public hearings on rules, issues, and actions; assists with the planning and coordination of a bi-annual air quality conference sponsored by the District; speaks at workshops, conferences, commission and board meetings.

8. Acts as project manager for various demonstration programs; monitors project resources, coordinates public education efforts, and responds to on-going needs of demonstration participants.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:

Assistant Communications & Marketing Specialist – Completion of major course work from an accredited four-year college or university in communications, public relations, environmental science, public or business administration, or journalism and two years of full-time experience disseminating public information, including speaking before groups, civic organizations and public gatherings or any combination of training and experience that provides the desired knowledge and abilities.

Associate Communications & Marketing Specialist – Completion of major course work from an accredited four-year college or university in communications, public relations, environmental science, public or business administration, or journalism and one year of experience as an Assistant Communications and Marketing Specialist or three years of full-time experience engaged in an informational service program that included liaison responsibilities with individuals and representatives from community and civic groups, public agencies, and private organizations or any combination of training and experience that provides the desired knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of:

Both Classes – Principles, techniques, and methods to develop and conduct public information and community liaison programs; techniques of preparing, producing and disseminating information to the general public, news media, schools, and the community, utilizing all major media communications; preparation and dissemination of information to the press through a variety of communications media, including photography, graphic arts, copy layout, and radio and television programming; methods used to evaluate program objectives and goals; principles and techniques if establishing and maintaining relations with news media and other public groups; principles, techniques, and practices of journalism, expository prose, and editing; English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.

Associate Communications & Marketing Specialist – Basic Federal, State, and local environmental pollution laws, rules, and regulations; District rules, programs and operations; statutory requirements for low-emission vehicles related to alternative fuels; automobile industry/rental car industry and basic fleet management; State, Federal and local government organizations and functions.

Ability to:

Both Classes – Read, understanding, apply and communicate District rules, regulations and procedures, and Federal and State environmental regulations; establish and maintain relations with media, community leaders, District management staff, and representatives of a wide range of public agencies and private organizations; compose, coordinate, and edit a variety of educational, informational, and promotional materials; prepare written analyses, evaluation, summaries, recommendations, correspondence and reports; prepare illustrations, charts, graphs, and other visual aids for presentations; speak in public.

Special Requirements:

Possession of a valid Class C California driver's license.

Working Conditions & Physical Demands

Physical Demands

On an occasional to frequent basis, performs tasks such as transporting promotional materials, setting up display booths and participating in outdoor events requiring active movement, walking, standing, and lifting bulky items. When working within the office, physical demands include occasional lifting up to 25 lbs., bending, stooping, squatting and moving about the office.

Requires frequent travel by car.

Working Conditions

Generally clean work environment with limited exposure to conditions such as dust, fumes, odors, or noise. Computer monitor used on a daily basis. Requires occasional work outdoors with exposure to summer heat when staffing display booths at fairs. Travel throughout the District is required.

Other Requirements

Special Requirements:

Possession of a valid Class C California driver's license.

Supervisory Responsibility